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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What items are included in the database?
    Generally the database includes all issues having some connection with the United Nations, the UN Specialized Agencies or their programs. Exceptions include where an issue has later been overprinted with a non-UN theme and issues related to the Specialized Agencies before they joined the UN.

    Imperforate issues are included if they are listed in either the Scott or Michel catalogs or are otherwise known to exist. Imperforate issues from the French area are generally excluded.

    United Nations issues (New York, Geneva and Vienna) are included only if they fit within particular subtopics. For a complete listing of United Nations issues click here: Stamps Issues of the United Nations

  • How are the major topics organized?
    The major topics generally follow those developed by Arleigh Gaines in his catalog, United Nations Philately. UN anniversaries (e.g., UN50) are found under the topic "GENERAL", anniversaries of the specialized agencies are found under the agency name.

  • How do I find a specific subtopic when I don't know which topic it is listed under?
    When asked to select a topic, choose "<Desc.>". You'll then be given a sorted list of the subtopic descriptions to choose from.

  • How can I list all of the issues for a given country?
    When asked to select a topic, choose "<Country>". You'll then be given a list of countries to choose from.

  • How can I list just the new issues that have come out?
    Whether you're searching by topics or by countries, you can select the current year under "Select the year issued".

  • Are these issues being offered for sale?
    No. This is a free service to collectors from the UNPI.

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